Olimpia Frame Kit 92×73 cm

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This solid wood frame is removable and therefore very practical for storage. It is equipped with a special high density cork around its perimeter which makes it very easy to fasten the cloth with the tacks that come with it. It is a system that is very convenient for readjusting the cloth while punching.

The kit includes:
1 frame 92×73 cm
1 Poppess cloth 107×100 cm
2 packs of pins

Made with wood from our forests, all made in Spain and with love.
As it is a 100% handmade product, the wood may have small imperfections that in no way alter its functionality.

Punching area: 81×62 cm.
With 4 skeins you have enough to cover the entire punching surface and you have a quality rug for life.



Olimpia punch needle Frame Kit 92x73cm: only for punch needle lovers

Olimpia punch needle frame is the special frame for punching large formats up to 81x62cm. Rugs, cushions, bags, rugs, whatever your body desires! You can comfortably fasten the cloth with pins or staples. The high density cork will allow you to easily insert the pins and protect your wooden frame. To assemble and disassemble it you only need a rubber hammer. You can store it assembled or disassembled as it takes up little space. Includes a pack of nikel pins.
You only need a pack of 4 skeins (and you will still have yarn left over) to make your punch needle creativity.
If you are looking for a medium size punch needle frame, we have Camille punch needle frame.

The best cloth for creating your punch needle rugs

Popess cloth, is the deluxe fabric that we recommend for large formats such as rugs. It does not fray and its behaviour is very stable: it does not warp and keeps its weft. This makes it the perfect fabric for punching large formats such as rugs. A high performance punch needle cloth!
You can also use Abbess cloth. It is also a strong, versatile, hard-wearing, open weave fabric that won’t fray! However, for larger formats it requires more frequent tensioning because it is a little less stiff than the Popess cloth.

Why don’t we include Monk cloth in the punch needle kits?

Monk cloth is indeed the most popular cloth, but in practice, it is an uncomfortable cloth to work with.
It has 3 major disadvantages. First, it frays so you have to tape the entire perimeter of the piece before working with it. It deforms easily so when undoing stitches the fabric does not recover and it is difficult to punch again with the risk of loops coming loose. Finally, it does not support any sewing option, either by hand or by machine. This fact limiting considerably the formats to be created.

Recommended frame kit for Oxford needle

If you don’t have the Oxford needle yet: discover our special kits.
The Oxford needle is manufactured entirely in the USA and is the result of more than 25 years of development by the world leader in punch needle: Amy Oxford.
The handle is ergonomic and made of maple wood; the tip is made of electro-polished steel thanks to a great work of matrix engineering.
It is guaranteed for life by the manufacturer.
Oxford needel is also the most imitated needle on the market. Beware of imitations as they are nothing like the quality of the original.
It is a needle for life, the most comfortable and resistant on the market.
All the people who have tried it only use this one, including our students.
The Oxford needle nº10 will allow you to make loops of 6,35 mm with thick yarn of 4 mm. This way, you will be able to progress very quickly in your punch needle project.