Pack of Monk cloths


Monk cloth is the primitive cloth for the punch needle. It is perfect for beginners, girls, boys and older people, as its very open weave allows effortless punching. It is also the perfect cloth if you have any organic limitations such as arthritis.

Pack of 3 pieces of Monk cloth.
Each piece measures: 140×100 cm.
(18,1€/50 cm).
Cotton 100%
. Made in Germany.
EU measurement: 3,1 pts/cm. USA measurement: 7,5 ct.
Before placing the cloth on the frame we recommend taping it all around to avoid fraying.



Monk cloth

You will have read in many places that Monk cloth is the cloth par excellence for punch needle. Indeed, it is a 100% cotton fabric with a very open weave that allows you to easily insert the needle. And maybe you came here with the intention of buying it. We have it for sale but we only recommend it in two cases:

  • Children,
  • People suffering from arthritis or arthrosis who cannot exert pressure with their hands.

Monk cloth has 3 major drawbacks:

  • It frays, so you have to tape the entire perimeter of the piece before working with it,
  • It deforms easily so when you undo stitches the fabric does not recover and it is difficult to re-punch with the risk of loops coming loose,
  • It does not support any sewing option, either by hand or by machine, limiting considerably the formats to be created

Monk cloth is the most popular cloth but in practice it is a fabric that is uncomfortable to work with.

Professionals and punch needle lovers use other types of cloths with blends of fibres that allow us to guarantee a certain consistency and elasticity of the cloth in order to guarantee a good grip of the loops and to allow us to sew.

Best punch needle cloths

Abbess linen cloth

All-rounder cloth for punch needle. The 100% recommended cloth for  Oxford needle. Greyish fabric that allows to leave unembroidered spaces if desired. It can be machine and hand stitched.

The special cloth for punch needle rugs: Popess cloth

Very high quality cloth recommended for large punch needle frames. Very good pressure resistance. White fabric that allows to leave unembroidered spaces if desired. Can be sewn by machine or by hand.

Complete this punch needle fabric pack with the starter kit that suits you best.